words sobered me to so▓me extent.
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nce, were d▓estroyed.Think how he must have s▓uffered!” “But you

haven’t listened, y●ou haven’t understood the worst, yet.He▓re, see his name—Pathzuol.” “Well, what of● it” “Why, don’t you rememb●er It is th


e same name as hers—Veronika’s—▓my sweetheart’s.” “Decided●ly!” exclaimed Merivale.“That is a ▓startling coincidence, I admit.” ● “Couple that with—with the rest of▓ my father’s story and with—with the 癃well, with all the facts

—and I ●think you’ll confess that it was suff▓icient to shake me up a bit.T▓o come upon that name at the end of such a● letter, it was like being knock●ed down.I lost my self-possession.● Think! if he was her father! Bu▓t, oh no; it isn’t cre

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  • r accident, of cours



e.” ▓“Of course it is.The letter▓ doesn’t say that he was


even married.▓I suppose there’s more than one Path●zuol in the world as well as m▓ore than one Merivale.But all the same, it’s a▓ coincidence of a sort to stir a fellow up▓.I do


n’t wonder you lost your balance.On●ly, the idea of boohooing like a woman!● That’s inexcusable.Mercy! what a good ●hater your father was! And what an unspeakable ●wretch, Nichol


as!” “Yes,”▓ I went on, “it gave me a pretty severe j●olt, the sight of that name; and I can’t▓ seem to get over it.I don’t know w●hy, but I can’t help feeling as though

the▓re were more in this than either you or I per●ceive, as though there were so

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o▓r you.They talk about suffering ▓ennobling and chastening men,

Jane Doe


So far as you are concerne▓d, suffering has done nothing▓ but intensify your natural egot●ism.For instance, after reading that lette▓r of your father’s, the first idea that strik

Jane Doe

zed that I w

as unreasonabl●e and selfish, but I was also helpless.I could● not get over the shock I had su▓stained when Pathzuol’s name fir▓st took shape before my eyes.Every t▓ime I remembe

Jane Doe

●a monster

on my heart.Its weight was deadl●y, its touch was icy; it would not be ●dislodged. “It is true, all that you say●, Merivale,” I returned at length.“B●ut the question is not o

Jane Doe

set that I d

on’t really ●know what I think or what I feel.▓ I guess perhaps I’d better go for a walk● and cool off, and arrive at a●n understanding with myself.” ▓“The very worst thing

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out a▓nd take a walk.I sha’n’.brood, I’ll refle●ct on the se



rough w▓ay you cut
2 GB Disk Space
10 GB Bandwith
1 Databases
Daily Backup
1 Domains
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“Worse In heaven’
5 GB Disk Space
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●hat could be worse
10 GB Disk Space
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er dishonored, ●my
15 GB Disk Space
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nsible things you’ve sai▓d.Good-by.” I walked briskly throug


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▓h the streets, striving to collect my facult▓ies, striving to r

  • egain suffi●cient mental tranquillity to comprehend exactly● what the long and short of ●the whole business was.But the feeling t▓hat there was something more in it than I▓ could make out, intensified.It would not● be dispelled.The oftener I went over the c▓ircumstan

    ces, the more signif

  • ▓icant they seemed.—Significant▓ of what Precisely the question t●hat I could not answer.The longer I allowed m●y mind to dwell upon them, the ▓more acute became that sensa●tion of wrestling with a problem, of grop▓ing for a something suspended near t●o me in the d

    ark.My father ●ha

  • d destined me to be a murderer▓; the name of my intended vict●im was Pathzuol; I had been engaged to a youn▓g lady of the same name, very● possibly the daughter of my father●’s foe; she had indeed been murde●red, though not by my hand; a▓nd yet I, despite my innocen

    ce, had ●been d

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eemed guilty of the crime: th●is chain of facts kept passing over







r be

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fore me.I felt that it must ▓mean something; it could not be pure

ly ●fortu

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